Confusions and Connections
Ada Lovelace competition winners meet operators of Colossus, the world’s first electronic computer Three winners of the Fascinating Ada Competition designed to inspire female students about careers in computing received their ...more
I wrote a piece for my other blog as well as re-using it here for International Women’s Day so for this year I have decided to delve deeper into the ...more
Colossus’ home from the air
Written August 20, 2015
An operator of Colossus, the world’s first electronic computer, came to her wartime workplace to fly a drone in one of the many pop-up events of the Summer Bytes Festival ...more
Dorothy Du Boisson and Colossus
Written March 12, 2013
I don’t write, normally, about dead people but I will make an exception here. Yes, you may argue that I already have done in this post.  That one is actually ...more
First Class Colossus Secret
Written February 22, 2015
Last week saw the release of a new set of stamps.  One was to celebrate Tommy flowers and his greatest invention, the Colossus Computer. An old friend wondered what was on ...more
The full story of the pinnacle of Bletchley Park code-breaking from encrypt to decrypt 1940’s cutting edge crypto technology revealed at The National Museum of Computing Colossus vets Betty O’Connell and Irene ...more
This week marks the 25th anniversary of the Save Bletchley Park Campaign and The National Museum of Computing pays tribute to all those campaigners and specially to Margaret Sale, thought ...more
This post is something that I rarely do on this blog. Post a whole press release unedited. That’s because it’s a great one about the Colossus computer, the one that ...more
The Breaking of Lorenz
Written June 6, 2016
Colossus veterans see the whole process at The National Museum of Computing Side-by-side: the Lorenz SZ42 used in Germany-occupied territories and the reconstructed Tunny machine that decrypted the messages at Bletchley. For ...more
The Colossus VR Experience
Written August 1, 2017
Colossus VR experience
Remote access to museum displays takes on a new dimension Immersive virtual reality technologies are bringing the story of the world’s first electronic computer Colossus and the breaking of Lorenz Hitler’s ...more

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