Confusions and Connections
Arnie is back as The Guardian
Written January 29, 2015
Two new things hit my in-box earlier about the upcoming Terminator Genisys. One is actually good. The below “TV spot”. The other is, well another thing all together. It’s the ...more
Help the Terminator
Written March 29, 2015
It was a busy week for Terminator Genisys last week. First we saw a new living poster and now a new trailer. Well, you can call it a ...more
James Cameron is the ultimate Terminator fanboy! Someone else who says to ignore every Terminator film after Terminator II. I agree the ones between two and this one are pants! We ...more
Kyle Reese needs some help
Written June 3, 2015
We’ve been sent over two great clips from the upcoming reboot of The Terminator series. The first shows that he can get help from an unexpected quarter and the other is ...more
Meet Sarah Connor
Written June 22, 2015
Sarah Connor has changed a lot since we remember her in The Terminator. She has been brought up by The Guardian. A terminator who was sent back to ...more
Meet the T-1000
Written June 27, 2015
Byung-Hun Lee talks about playing the iconic T-1000 in the reboot of the Terminator Series.  How the character has changed since we saw the character the last time in Terminator ...more
Terminator Genisys – Payoff poster
Written April 30, 2015
We have already seen the Terminator trailer that this poster comes out of. The first thing that hits me is the size of the people on the poster.  You can definitely ...more
A new living poster hit the web a couple of days ago for Terminator Genisys. This time it’s The Terminator, sorry The Guardian. It starts off well but ...more
Terminator in Duo
Written May 21, 2015
The Terminator has a new poster. It shows the two heroes together in one shot. The thing we need to know as the shock twist has been given away in the ...more
Terminator: Genysis Payoff Trailer
Written April 13, 2015
Earlier today saw the new trailer for the upcoming Terminator: Genysis.  It’s even better than the previous ones. This one shows you what happens to the earth and how Kyle is ...more
A NEW WORLD OF MOMENTS WORTH PAYING FOR WITH THE MUMMY’S SOFIA BOUTELLA Sofia Boutella, star of upcoming action adventure The Mummy, is the latest actress to appear in an exclusive ...more
Who is The Guardian?
Written June 15, 2015
Who is the Guardian? That is the question that this featurette aims to answer. It’s quite a complex one as well. Not only is he a cyborg but also a ...more

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