Confusions and Connections
Ant-Man – More to see
Written June 2, 2015
A great set of images hit my inbox earlier today. this time for the smallest of super-heroes, Ant-Man. It’s a nice mix of images, from the huge size of our hero ...more
Ant-Man gets a new poster
Written May 30, 2015
A huge poster for a tiny hero hit my inbox on Friday. That being the new Ant-Man poster. It shows our hero at his true size. Riding his ant into battle ...more
Ant-Man gets more Characters
Written June 25, 2015
The last time we saw a new poster for Ant-Man it was disappointing. This has changed a lot with the new set of character posters. You can work out who is ...more
Ant-Man has a new poster
Written June 19, 2015
It’s not that long to wait until Scott Lang appears as Ant-man hits the silver screen. This one isn’t the best one that has been released for the film. It’s ...more
Ant-Man’s newest trailer
Written July 4, 2015
Yesterday saw Disney release the new trailer for the hugely anticipated Ant-Man. This one shows off quite a lot of new material and plot elements. Not enough to ...more
Blade Runner 2 First look image
Written July 18, 2016
Blade Runner, the sequel, is about to start principle photography. With that news, we have been sent over the first image for the film. It’s just a concept drawing that ...more
Blade Runner 2049 wallpaper
Written May 11, 2017
What has happened since Rick Dekard ran away in 2019?  These wallpapers won’t help you answer that question but they will bring the future to your computer’s desktop ...more
Coming soon from Disney
Written May 24, 2015
It’s going to be a busy couple of years for Disey. Not only do the have Star Wars out at the end of the year but also a couple of ...more

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