Confusions and Connections
An Igor it is then…
Written June 19, 2013
In this final part of the reproduction of my series of posts about picking the right helper for an evil genius I will discuss why a horde may not be ...more
Cave, Volcano or self build?
Written June 21, 2013
With the Despicable me 2 hitting UK cinemas shortly, this is the last part of the series that I did quite a good number of years ago over on my ...more
With Despicable Me 2 hitting UK cinemas in the near future the distributor has not only released the usual set of assets for the film. The trailer, poster, images and ...more
Minions – a good idea?
Written June 15, 2013
I originally published this over at my original blog when the first Despicable Me was about to be released. Now with the sequel about to hit the silver screen I ...more
Minions and their uses
Written June 17, 2013
When I originally published the below post it mentioned that the time between this and my last post was only a very short time.  In this re-publishing run it will ...more

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