Confusions and Connections
Bugs Bunny Helped win World War II
Written June 16, 2014
With the 70th Anniversary of D-Day still fresh in our minds, can I take you down another contributor that helped the Second World War. That being Hollywood. More specifically, the ...more
Some time ago I got sent some activity sheets for Despicable Me 2. This time it’s Disney’s turn in the form of sheets for the Pixar film release, Planes. Not only ...more
Donald Duck, The Cannibal
Written July 8, 2014
There is something strange over at the Duck household. Not only at the Thanksgiving meal but throughout the year. Is it normal for an uncle feeding his nephews the dead of ...more
Frozen Fever strikes again
Written March 2, 2015
Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and the gang are back in the new Frozen short, Frozen Fever. The short will be playing in front of the upcoming live action version of Cinderella. We’ve been ...more
Maleficent new trailer
Written January 27, 2014
The more of Maleficent that comes out, the more that I want to see what happened to make Maleficent the witch that she became when we saw her in Sleeping ...more
Pixar has helped us see that monsters are as scared of us as we are of them, amazing adventures to superheroes still trying to save the city. This time, we are ...more
The Good Dinosaur raises his head.
Written November 20, 2014
With over a year to go before the film hits the silver screen, Disney/Pixar has released a concept art image from The Good Dinosaur. As with a lot of films with ...more

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