Confusions and Connections
Yesterday we received the first trailer for the upcoming sequel to Godzilla director’s début feature, Monsters.  It has the same feel as the original but with much more of a ...more
Godzilla is back!
Written December 10, 2013
Two great things occured today. The first was the new teaser for one of the greatest cinema monsters of all time and the second was a new poster for the ...more
New footage of Godzilla found
Written April 5, 2014
Not that long ago Warner Bros released a new, extended, trailer for the upcoming Godzilla movie. This one is the best one yet! That’s quite a hard thing to say considering ...more
Rogue One Wallpapers
Written August 22, 2016
We can proudly give you two great Rogue One items First is a massive set of wallpapers so you can show your allegiance to the cause you believe in.  The other ...more

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