Confusions and Connections
2 great new trailers and Peanuts
Written March 20, 2014
This week my inbox has received new trailers for three upcoming films. Some sooner than others. I have put them in order of my enthusiasm. Godzilla The new, final, trailer hit my ...more
Amazing Spider-cum…
Written April 10, 2014
I have covered fan theories before in this blog. This time I’m going to talk about a super-hero instead of a spy. That being Spider-man and his ability to make ...more
Annie gets a new trailer
Written November 4, 2014
A brand new, International, trailer for the upcoming remake of the classic 80s film Annie hit the web earlier today. It gives hints of the songs that we all know ...more
Annie hits the 21st century
Written April 14, 2014
In the early 80s, Hollywood gave us a classic musical. One about an orphan called Annie. This one is basically the same but “re-imagined“, urgh, to the present day. Originally planned by ...more
Familiar spider-man posters
Written January 8, 2014
The first post that I ever did on this blog was talking about a poster that I was sent & it was bugging me.  That one involved spider-man and so ...more
Horrible Bosses 2 gets a trailer
Written September 6, 2014
Nick, Dale and Kurt are back in Horrible Bosses 2. After their adventures in the 2011 film, they are back and are not planning on murdering anyone this time. To celebrate ...more
Orphan Annie gets a poster
Written September 10, 2014
With a release date bumped forward to the dead end of the year, the remake of Annie now gets a poster. Popped into the same slot for award season hopefuls, December. ...more
Peter Parker has a message
Written December 2, 2013
Sitting down to write about the 2nd in the current re-boot of Spider-man, I’m filled with a little bit of dread as I lost track of the stories after the ...more
Spider-man 2 trailer hits the world
Written December 6, 2013
Yesterday, after a run of publicity, we saw the first trailer for the 2nd outing of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man. The trailer is an explosive mix of our costumed hero swinging around ...more
Spider-Man wants a word with you
Written December 4, 2013
A couple of days ago I posted up about something “ground breaking” that was about to happen. That being a trailer for the 2nd instalment of the current re-boot of ...more

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