Confusions and Connections
Bad Education gets a trailer
Written July 13, 2015
The first trailer for the upcoming The Bad Education Movie has hit. My god it looks bad! Almost up there with The Sex Lives of the Potato men ...more
I can’t say anything about how good this will be as I never say Bad Education when it was on BBC three. On the other hand, it does seem to ...more
The Woman in Black is back
Written August 23, 2014
With Hammer back making movies, we now have The Woman In Black: Angel of Death. It’s still quite a way away but they have just released the first, teaser, trailer ...more
The Woman in Black new trailer & poster
Written October 12, 2014
Two new things have hit for the upcoming The Woman in Black: Angel of Death. That being a new teaser trailer and a new poster. It doesn’t give that much more ...more

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