Confusions and Connections
Finding your Feet
Written December 12, 2016
Finding your Feet
Filming in London has wrapped on Finding Your Feet, starring BAFTA award-winner and Oscar nominee Imelda Staunton (Vera Drake, Maleficent, Harry Potter, Pride) and BAFTA nominee Timothy Spall (Mr. Turner, ...more
Finding your Feet
Written July 9, 2017
With an amazing British ensemble cast, Finding your Feet looks at coming to terms with infidelity and re-connecting with your past and your new future When ‘Lady’ Sandra Abbott discovers that ...more
Pudsey gets a film
Written December 28, 2013
This hit my in-box just before Christmas and the first thing I thought was: Then I reasilsed who the production company was and relaxed at the thought that it was Simon ...more
See more of Pudsey
Written June 26, 2014
With a reasonable British cast, a famous dog, what more could this film need to be big? Well, something of a plot that hasn’t been done to death. It seems to ...more

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