Confusions and Connections
Behind the Ghost in the Shell
Written March 22, 2017
Ghost In The Shell - Water Fight
Some great, new, items have been released for the upcoming live action version of Ghost in the Shell.  The two clips should be familiar as they are some of the ...more
Ghost In The Shell - Creating The Shell
Two amazing featurettes have hit the web for Ghost in the Shell.  One covers the geisha costumes & the other covers the iconic opening sequence from the anime. Dressed to Kill Creating ...more
Ghost in the Shell – The first trailer
Written November 13, 2016
It’s finally arrived!  The first amazing trailer for the upcoming live action version of Ghost in the Shell! From a fan, I was worried about how it was going to go ...more
Ghost in the Shell – The new trailer
Written February 13, 2017
The Major in Ghost in the Shell
You have to remember! Everything they told you was a lie! They created me but they cannot control me! What have they done?  This new trailer delves into the history behind ...more
Ghost in the Shell Big Game
Written February 3, 2017
Ghost in the Shell - Big Game Spot
What does the new TV spot for Ghost in the Shell tell us? Quite a bit for a 30 second trailer.  A lot of iconic scenes from the 1985 anime ...more
Ghost in the Shell has an image
Written April 14, 2016
Scarlett Johansson plays the Major in Ghost in the Shell from Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures in theaters March 31, 2017. Earlier today I got sent the below, great, press release ...more
Ghost in the Shell is back
Written September 22, 2016
Still with six months to go before Ghost in the Shell hits UK cinemas, we have been sent over 5 brand new, 10 to 15 second, teaser trailers. All of my ...more
Ghost in the Shell on your desktop
Written February 18, 2017
With the upcoming live action remake of the classic 1995 anime film, Ghost in the Shell, hits the silver screen, we give you something to smarten up your desktop with ...more
Ghost in the Shell Payoff 1-Sheet
Not that long ago saw the latest 15 second trailer for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell live action remake. Now we get the amazing new poster.  It is reminiscent of ...more
Ghost in the Shell’s final trailer
Written March 27, 2017
Ghost In The Shell - Major reborn
The final trailer for Ghost in the Shell has arrived! It’s even more epic than ones we have seen before. It does, in a way, give the ending away but that ...more
My Ghost has a glitch
Written January 25, 2017
Ghost in the Shell - Digital Mind
I think I may have found a glitch in my Ghost. Either that or it’s the brand new teaser for the up-coming live action re-telling of the classic 1995 Anime ...more
Who are Section 9?
Written March 16, 2017
Ghost in the Shell - Section 9
Who are Section 9 & what is their mission?  This featurette answers some of those questions as we go behind the scenes and ask the cast the questions we like ...more

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