Confusions and Connections
Collateral Beauty has a new trailer
Written November 10, 2016
What do you actually talk to Death about? What about Love on the other hand? Collateral Beauty tries to answer some of these strange questions with the brand ...more
Collateral Beauty has a poster & trailer
Written October 16, 2016
This is the sort of film that Will Smith does the best. The sentimental drama. Not only does Collateral Beauty star the man himself but a great, all start, cast ...more
Divergent is back with Insurgent
Written March 16, 2015
Insurgent is the second part of the Divergent trilogy. I missed the first film when it came out in 2014 but the second one does look great. It is quite ...more
The brand new trailer for The Imitation Game is out. This trailer isn’t that much different than the other ones that we have seen. It does go into the recruitment of ...more
Kate Winslet gains a new award
Written October 27, 2015
KATE WINSLET TO RECEIVE THE VARIETY AWARD AT THE 18TH ANNUAL MOËT BRITISH INDEPENDENT FILM AWARDS The Moët British Independent Film Awards are delighted to announce today that Kate Winslet will ...more
Steve Jobs – A Look Inside
Written October 22, 2015
Not that long to go before Steve Jobs hits the Silver Screen. This time we’ve been sent over a nice featurette that shows not only more clips from the ...more
Steve Jobs – New trailer
Written September 18, 2015
Steve Jobs has a new trailer!  It’s been a while since the last one arrived.  This one still shows Steve not in the best light.  Something that some Apple fans ...more
Steve Jobs – Talking about the man
Written October 25, 2015
The cast and crew of the upcoming Steve Jobs get around a table. They discuss the man and his legacy. Not only that, we do learn other things about ...more
Steve Jobs has a poster
Written August 27, 2015
The ultimate salesman, Steve Jobs, has a poster for the upcoming Danny Boyle biopic of the man. The trailer doesn’t seem to paint him in a great light. Then again ...more
Steve Jobs is back?
Written July 1, 2015
The new trailer for the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic hit the web earlier. He comes across as a right bastard in this film. Someone who would sell someone out, take ...more
Triple 9
Written November 11, 2015
Triple 9 is the upcoming thriller from John Hillcoat.  It does involve the new baddies.  The after the Mafia has been left behind in films.  It’s the Russian Mob. It does ...more
Triple 9 – The final poster
Written December 28, 2015
Not that long before Triple 9 hits the silver screen here in the UK. I asked two questions about the poster in this page’s description.  They were: Is the poster any good? What ...more

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