Confusions and Connections
Akira at 25
Written July 11, 2013
25 years ago an animated film was released into Tokyo cinemas. That film was called Akira. A film based on Katsuhiro Iwata’s 2,182 page manga epic. Set 31 years after the ...more
Harlock Space Pirate
Written March 8, 2015
This is something that we don’t tend to cover on this blog.  Anime.  That’s something that our sister blog does.  Well, more review them than actually cover… It does look good.  ...more
The Hunger Games has a competitor
Written October 29, 2013
With the second Hunger Games coming to UK cinemas in around three weeks time, I thought it would be a good time to do a quick comparison of the first ...more
With one of the best starts of a synopsis I have ever read, comes a new live action film from Japan. HK Forbidden Superhero. This is coming from someone who ...more

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