Confusions and Connections
Earth To Echo worth paying for
Written July 5, 2014
Another great trailer for Earth To Echo has arrived.  This time with the co-operation of Find Any Film.  The one-stop site for anything film related. The kids and their new friend, ...more
With Aardman’s help, the new Moment’s worth paying for trailer has hit. It’s only the second time in the campaign where the trailer is made up entirely with new material. ...more
Spooks worth paying for
Written April 17, 2015 have got into bed with rogue elements of MI5, and the rest of the spooks, and have released another moments worth paying for.  They have made a short, 35 ...more
A NEW WORLD OF MOMENTS WORTH PAYING FOR WITH THE MUMMY’S SOFIA BOUTELLA Sofia Boutella, star of upcoming action adventure The Mummy, is the latest actress to appear in an exclusive ...more

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