Confusions and Connections
Emmet at Glastonbury
Written June 29, 2014
Yesterday it was all about Metallica at Glastonbury. The special guest that they failed to mention was a lot more Awesome. That star was Emmet. The lonely hero from The LEGO ...more
The founder UK Poster
Why keep small when you can Franchise the heck out McDonald’s? That was Ray Kroc’s idea but in the below clip we discover it wasn’t as simple as that. The Founder ...more
Not only do we get a new image, above, but a release date for Ice Age : Collision Course. Want to know what it is? Just look down a ...more
What has Scrat got himself into this time?  The first image for the upcoming next instalment of the Ice Age series of films has hit.  Not only that we also ...more
Ice Age has a new trailer
Written February 4, 2016
We have already seen a teaser trailer & image for the new Ice Age film. Now we’ve been sent over the first trailer and a brand new image. The trailer shows ...more
Scrat and The Herd are back in Ice Age Collision Course. More precisely, in the new poster and trailer. Yet another one showing that Scrat is the hero, or is it ...more
Ice Age has another trailer
Written June 20, 2016
What has happened to Sid and the gang? Well, the new trailer may help answer some of those questions. It could be worse but The Ice Age maybe ...more
Buck is back with his own clip. He teaches us some interesting facts about the time of the Ice Age. First, be careful of what you lick as ...more
McDonald’s has a Founder
Written January 9, 2017
The founder is the story of how a failing salesman transformed a small fast food company into one of the largest companies in the world. The Founder is a drama that ...more
Michael Keaton is The Founder
Written February 18, 2017
It’s Michael Keaton!  That’s what one of the stars of his new film thought when they were playing scenes with the great actor. There is some new footage & interviews compared ...more
Scratt in Cosmic Scrat-Tastrophie
Written November 9, 2015
Scratt is lost in space. Want to find out how? Well, it all starts with him and his acorn. It gets him into trouble, again. Not ...more
Sid & the gang get posters
Written March 17, 2016
Meet Sid & the gang in these new character posters for the next instalment in the Ice Age saga. Scrat’s epic pursuit of the elusive acorn catapults him ...more
Sid is in love but is it reciprocated by the love of his life? Well, this is your chance to see if his dreams come true or something horrible ...more
Simon Pegg in The Ice Age
Written July 17, 2016
Simon Pegg is back as our favourite weasel Buck in this, final, TV sport in the new adventures of the herd in Ice Age Collision Course. Scrat’s epic pursuit of the ...more
Sing a trailer
Written February 16, 2016
Want to go and see a movie that has a singing pig in it? Then Sing! is the movie for you.  Not only that but it has an enormous number ...more
Sing the characters
Written October 27, 2016
Who is who in Sing Movie? Who are the pigs and who is the gorilla? We have the answers below! Matthew McConaughey as Buster Moon Nick Kroll as Gunther Reese Witherspoon ...more
Sing the new trailer
Written May 24, 2016
The singing pig and a Koala who is down on his luck are back in the new Sing trailer. Set in a world like ours but entirely inhabited by animals, Sing ...more
Sing the new trailer
Written November 2, 2016
The amazing new trailer for Sing has exploded onto the web. Not only that, we can also give you a small gallery of images starring all the animals that ...more
The Founder – Making of the film
Written February 16, 2017
THE FOUNDER - Featurette
How do you take a sale of milkshare machines to one of the largest corporations in the world? Ray Kroc found a way in The Founder. This featurette shows us how ...more
Who are the characters from Sing?
Written October 30, 2016
It wasn’t that long ago that we saw a set of character posters. This time we have a new set of character posters! The only differences is this ...more

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