Confusions and Connections
From LEGO Batman to Ninjas
Written February 8, 2017
With LEGO Batman fighting his way onto the silver screen shortly, we now have ninjas to take his place with the The LEGO Ninjago Movie. To start you on your journey ...more
Not only the icon that is Jackie Chan plays Master Wu in the LEGO Ninjago Movie but he also does all of his own stunts!  That and his stunt team ...more
Lego Ninjago has a new poster
Written June 19, 2017
Lego Ninjago poster
The new poster for the upcoming Lego ninja movie, Ninjago, has arrived.  It’s a great nod to other classic Ninja movies that has come before it.  Such as The House ...more
Mortdecai gets a TV spot
Written January 12, 2015
With ony two weeks to go before the story of the greatest spy ever hits the silver screen. That being the exploits of the magnificent Mortdecai. The new TV sport does ...more
Mortdecai with added Stephen Fry
Written December 24, 2014
A great trailer for what seems to be the funniest film of the year. I would say that as it’s released in January 😀 It does truly look very good in ...more
Ride Along 2 has a poster
Written August 12, 2015
It’s still quite a way off but the first piece for the upcoming Ride Along 2 has hit. that being the above poster. What does it tell us? Well, there ...more
Ride Along 2’s first trailer
Written August 14, 2015
Ride Along 2 has a poster. Now it has a trailer to go with that. Well, What do I think about it? It’s going to be interesting. ...more
The 4 Horsemen has posters
Written April 5, 2016
Who are the Four Horsemen?  We can show you with their own character posters. Not only do we have the above great posters, we’ve also got some fan ...more
Who is The Lloyd and how is he connected to the evil Garmadon? Well, apart from the poster & synopsis giving it away, there are more important villains to ...more
X-Men Apocalypse Defender poster
Written March 10, 2016
We have already seen the 4 horsemen poster. This time we see the defenders. The people who are fighting against Apocalypse to help save humanity from his grip.  Some seems ...more
X-Men Apocalypse has a new poster
Written April 13, 2016
Two new posters have arrived for X-Men: Apocalypse have arrived.  Strangely for me I prefer the 1-sheet ( below ) as it’s a much tighter group of our heroes, and ...more
X-men Apocalypse has a new trailer
Written March 17, 2016
The new trailer for X-Men Apocalypse has arrived. What does it show? Well, mostly the destruction of the world and a small band of heroes trying to save ...more
X-Men Apocalypse has a new trailer
Written April 25, 2016
With the Four Horsemen with him Apocalypse seems unstoppable.  Who can stop him?  Will the X-men help save humanity for the umpteenth time or will the earth be raised to ...more
Who appears in the new X-Men Apocalypse character posters?  Well it goes all the way from Apocalypse to Professor X with most of the main characters in between. Has your favourite ...more

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