Confusions and Connections
It’s not cosplay – they just always look this good Kingsman and Statesman are kicking off Comic-Con 2017! Just see who you can see and ask questions to at San Diego Comic-Con ...more
Matt Damon & The Great Wall
Written October 9, 2016
The power rangers are here with some help from Matt Damon. Sorry, worng film. This is the new trailer for the upcoming Chinese epic “The Great Wall”. The Great Wall tells ...more
More from The Great Wall
Written October 11, 2016
Only a few days ago saw the first trailer for The Great Wall appear. This time we have a load of images to keep you amused until the next ...more
Narcos is returning
Written August 6, 2017
Cocaine cartels are all about succession: That day Pablo went down, the Cali Cartel became public enemy number one. They called themselves the Gentlemen of Cali – the biggest drug ...more
The Kingsman is now open
Written August 17, 2017
The brand new poster has arrived for the upcoming second outing of The Kingsman. Not only that, we have a nice set of images and a trailer to keep you ...more
Who are the Kingsmen?
Written July 30, 2017
Who are the characters in Kingsman: The Golden Circle?  This new set of character posters help answer that question. Who are the villians & who are the good guys? ...more

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