Confusions and Connections
Magnificent Seven has a new trailer
Written July 18, 2016
What do seven strangers have in common? That is the question that The Magnificent Seven starts to answer. Who are they and what are they doing. There are ...more
Good news western fans. The Magnificent Seven is only s short time from hitting the silver screen in the UK. With that out of the way, We can ...more
Natalie Portman is Jackie
Written December 15, 2016
In the role of her life as Jackie Kennedy, Natalie Portman is amazing as one of the best known First Ladies.  It’s the sort of role that could clean up ...more
The brand new poster for The Magnificent Seven has ridden onto the Internet. It’s quite a classic poster. It just shows you the name of the film and the seven ...more
The Magnificent Seven ride again
Written April 20, 2016
When I first caught the email that mentioned the remake of The Magnificent Seven I was crying inside.  It was another attempt at Hollywood to make money from remaking their ...more

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