Confusions and Connections
8 new, alternative, posters as well as a video feature for the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The posters are a mix of vintage and propaganda. The propaganda ...more
More posters that look familiar
Written December 17, 2016
Way back in 2012, the first post I ever wrote was about posters looking similar. A couple of days ago we had two posters arrive for two completely different films. That ...more
The Hobbit gets new artwork
Written October 16, 2014
Late yesterday we saw the launch of the full set of character posters from the last Hobbit film. Not only that, we have also been sent some great other posters ...more
Zombies, Wolverine and the future
Written April 6, 2013
I have already ranted about the current situation of a lot of films have posters that are very similar. Now it’s Paramount’s turn to get in on the act with ...more

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