Confusions and Connections
Batman is back!
Written April 15, 2017
Great news Batman fans!  Warner Bros have released the date when you can get this awesome film at home Bring home the year’s funniest family adventure when “The LEGO® Batman Movie,” ...more
Hail, Caesar has a new poster
Written January 7, 2016
Hail, Caesar is the new film from the Coen Brothers. It does star all the usual suspects as well as Joel’s wife. That being the Oscar winning Frances McDormand. We have ...more
HAIL, CAESAR! – A Look Inside
Written January 28, 2016
Want to know what happened when the Coen Brothers got let loose on Hail, Caesar? Why not let the cast tell you. Not only did they have a ...more
Hail, Caesar! Its trailer & images
Written October 11, 2015
The Coen brothers are back! This time with a nod to Hollywood’s golden Age. Hail Caesar! It has the stared rota of actors that appear on most of their films.  This ...more
Kubo and the Two Strings
Written March 13, 2016
What can be said about this film.  It looks incredible.  It’s not Studio Ghibli but this is a good thing. It doesn’t have the baggage. It doesn’t need it if ...more
No Dames sings Channing Tatum
Written February 3, 2016
No Dames! That’s the singing cry from Channing Tatum! We’ve already seen some of the song from the trailers for the film. This time you can see it all. Not ...more
Sam Smith sings Spectre
Written September 8, 2015
Today saw the news of who will be singing the theme song to the upcoming next installment in the Bond franchise.  This honour has been given to Sam Smith. The song ...more
See more of Caesar
Written January 13, 2016
What happens when you can’t get an actor to say his lines correctly? In the new trailer for the Coen Brother’s new film, Hail, Caesar asks that question. ...more
Spectre – The final trailer
Written October 3, 2015
The final trailer for SPECTRE has arrived. It’s quite short but full of action and more questions about what SPECTRE is. Not only that, what link he has ...more
Spectre and a new TV spot
Written September 12, 2015
A brand new TV spot for the upcoming new Bond film, Spectre, as arrived. As always, it’s 30 seconds long and it covers a lot of stuff in that short ...more
SPECTRE is looming over Bond
Written July 22, 2015
The Explosive new trailer for the new Bond film, SPECTRE has hit. It’s epic! All you would hope to see in a bond film. Explosions, guns and Girls! What is connecting ...more
Late on Friday we got the news about the next Bond film. It’s great news as Spectre is going to have its World premiere here in the UK! Well, ...more
The Myth of Kubo
Written August 29, 2016
Want to find out how Kubo and the Two Strings was made then this is the feature for you.  I thought it was CGI but it isn’t.  It’s all stop ...more

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