Confusions and Connections
Agent 47 has a new trailer
Written August 6, 2015
Agent 47 is back in the Global Trailer! More revelations about our hero are made. Discovery of what the organisation behind him are revealed. Not only that, we discover what he ...more
Agent 47 hits TV
Written July 5, 2015
The first TV spot for Hitman – Agent 47 hit the web late last week.  It’s a massively cut down version of the trailers that we have already seen.  a ...more
An explosive new trailer showing Agent 47 in his new movie, Hitman: Agent 47. This one shows a lot more of what the plot is about. It’s not only him ...more
Agent 47 is back
Written February 13, 2015
This film hit my in-box yesterday and I had a bad case of deja-vu. Hadn’t they already made this film? Well, after watching the trailer below it was even more ...more
Hitman hits back with a poster
Written March 2, 2015
After the release of the trailer, we now have got a poster for Hitman: Agent 47.  It does sum up what the film is about.  Vengeance, well in a way. HITMAN: ...more
Katia Van Dees – Who is she?
Written August 2, 2015
Who is Katia Van Dees? That is the question that needs to be answered in the new version of Hitman: Agent 47. Some of the answers are answered in the ...more
See more of Agent 47
Written April 8, 2015
We have been sent over a set of images for the upcoming Hitman: Agent 47. The images aren’t that interesting apart from one of them. I’ll let you guess which one ...more
The Death of Stalin
Written August 7, 2017
The Death of Stalin 1 sheet poster
What happened after the death of Stalin? This film may not totally answer that question but it will have a fun time trying to! From the desk of Armando Iannucci comes ...more

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