Confusions and Connections
Ladies, you don’t need to be left alone. Deadpool now has some advice for you. He had to talk to the men first as we don’t know that much about ...more
Deadpool – Touch yourself tonight!
Written January 27, 2016
Take some advice from Deadpool and touch yourself. He is helping the less immortal to protect themselves from testicular cancer. He has joined forces with Ballboys to front their campaign. Not ...more
Deadpool & dat ass!
Written December 1, 2015
Our classic anti-hero, Deadpool, is back with a cool new poster. It shows you his best side. The rear!  Not only that he has a cool rucksack even if pink ...more
Deadpool & sexy superheroes
Written February 1, 2016
What happens when Deadpool meets some sexy superheroes? He makes jokes at their expense and sends in other people to do his dirty work. How does someone how ...more
Deadpool dreams of Wayne
Written February 7, 2016
Friday I received the below press release from Deadpool. It seems that he has gone to the dark side! Joining Manchester United in support of football. Either that or he ...more
Deadpool for your computer
Written December 2, 2015
After yesterday’s release of the new Deadpool poster, I went on a quest to see what images are available for the film. The answer is not a lot but… Where ...more
Deadpool has a phone app
Written January 22, 2016
Good new Deadpool fans! Everyone’s favourite anti-hero is back and this time he can be on your phone! What you get for your money ( It’s free don’t worry! ) ...more
Deadpool has a trailer and poster!
Written August 5, 2015
Deadpool is back with new trailer. It’s explosively comedic as you would expect from the world’s greatest anti-hero. The trailer does have some rude words, shootings and explosions. not only that ...more
Deadpool is coming
Written August 3, 2015
Deadpool is coming.  Tomorrow to be precise with the first trailer for his first outing on the Silver Screen. The message from the man himself advertising this new trailer is below ...more
Deadpool kills the opposition
Written February 15, 2016
Our favourite anti-hero has broken new ground. Not only did Deadpool become the latest Valentine day movie that couples must see but it has also become the greatest February movie ...more
Deadpool’s first image
Written March 28, 2015
Yesterday saw the first image of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool hit the web. If you have missed it then just look down the page a little bit to see. It’s very ...more
Have a Deadpool Christmas
Written December 25, 2015
Deadpool is after someone on his “Naughty List” for Christmas Day. Not sure if he keeps that promise and finds the person involved! Yep, it is Christmas Day! On the other ...more
Life from Mars
Written October 31, 2016
Why can’t alien life be friendly? This time it invades the International Space Station from Mars. Think Alien with bugs. Life tells the story of the six-member crew of the International ...more
See more of Deadpool
Written December 15, 2015
Want to see more of Deadpool? This is your chance with the brand new poster. I just hope he doesn’t go off half-cocked and do himself some damage as he doesn’t ...more
What happens when you get Samuel L. “Motherf**king” Jackson & Ryan Reynolds together in a film?  The answer is one of the funniest buddy movies of modern times. THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD ...more
The Hitman's Bodyguard
What does a hitman movie really require? How about a singalong with a group of nuns in a minibus? That and Ryan Reynolds trying to protect, and kill at ...more
Who is the Criminal?
Written August 15, 2016
From the great Prasad Bhat comes two amazing gifs showing the characters of Gary Oldman & Kevin Costner for the DVD & blu-ray release of Criminal. How many can you name?  ...more

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