Confusions and Connections
Wonder Woman & her new poster
Written March 11, 2017
Wonder Woman beach poster
Out of the blue, the new Wonder Woman poster has crashed onto the web. This is the first new thing for the film since the trailer landed back in November. It ...more
Wonder Woman & her origin trailer
Written March 12, 2017
Wonder Woman - Official Origin Trailer
Yesterday saw the new poster appear. I did make a prediction of what next to expect from Wonder Woman. I was completely wrong as this proves. We now have a great ...more
Wonder Woman and the truth
Written May 19, 2017
Wonder Woman - Lasso Art
The brand new poster has arrived for Wonder Woman.  This time it shows her using The Lasso of Truth. It’s a strange poster as it still doesn’t have a release date ...more
Wonder Woman deflecting bullets
Written May 3, 2017
Wonder Woman Deflection Poster
As we all know, Wonder Woman fights for justice. This time she is protecting herself from , probably, German bullets whilst she is fighting in World War One. We have just ...more
Wonder Woman First look images
Written March 29, 2016
After her appearance in Batman vs Superman, Wonder Woman is coming to the big screen by herself. We can now show you the first two images for that film. They ...more
Wonder Woman has a new trailer
Written November 3, 2016
How can a princess save the world? Easy, when she is Diana, better known as Wonder Woman. Not only can we give you the above brilliant trailer, three empowering posters ...more
Wonder Woman is back
Written July 24, 2016
The first trailer for Wonder Woman has arrived. From it the title could easily be “Wonder Woman Fights the Hun” ( I was going to use “The Nazis” But it’s ...more
Wonder Woman is coming home
Written August 13, 2017
Wonder Woman
Experience the wonder when Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s “WONDER WOMAN” arrives onto 4K UHD, Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download. Gal Gadot returns as the DC Super Hero ...more
Wonder Woman is on the rise
Written May 8, 2017
Wonder Woman - Rise of the Warrior
Diana Prince is back in the final Wonder Woman trailer.  Showing more of how she grew up to help save the world by killing lots of Germans during the First ...more

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