Confusions and Connections
Absolutely Anything has new stuff
Written June 21, 2015
Robin Williams’ last film, Absolutely Anything, has a new trailer. I’ve had this sent over as a teaser trailer. I would actually call it a TV spot as it’s 30 ...more
Absolutely Anything may happen
Written May 6, 2015
With an impressive British cast, Absolutely Anything, has its first trailer. Not only that, just see who the voice of the dog is. It’s Robin Williams in his ...more
Ethan Hunt is back in Rogue Nation
Written March 23, 2015
Yesterday saw the release of the first poster and TV sport for the film. Today, we get something even bigger. The first full length trailer. It’s your change to see ...more
Go Rogue with MI5
Written June 3, 2015
We can go rogue with the IMF team with this new set of character posters for the film. I don’t think they do anything more to the film ...more
Not only do we get a new image, above, but a release date for Ice Age : Collision Course. Want to know what it is? Just look down a ...more
What has Scrat got himself into this time?  The first image for the upcoming next instalment of the Ice Age series of films has hit.  Not only that we also ...more
Ice Age has a new trailer
Written February 4, 2016
We have already seen a teaser trailer & image for the new Ice Age film. Now we’ve been sent over the first trailer and a brand new image. The trailer shows ...more
Scrat and The Herd are back in Ice Age Collision Course. More precisely, in the new poster and trailer. Yet another one showing that Scrat is the hero, or is it ...more
Ice Age has another trailer
Written June 20, 2016
What has happened to Sid and the gang? Well, the new trailer may help answer some of those questions. It could be worse but The Ice Age maybe ...more
Buck is back with his own clip. He teaches us some interesting facts about the time of the Ice Age. First, be careful of what you lick as ...more
Impossible requests?
Written June 7, 2015
Friday, I got an email in regarding this, and this post I put up. It was because both of the image sets were not on the same post. This sort of ...more
Kylie and Absolutely Anything
Written August 8, 2015
Kylie is back singing the title track for Simon Pegg’s and Robin Williams’ latest film, Absolutely Anything. If you like what you hear, you can always head over to iTunes and ...more
The Tag line for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, in a way, sums up the hew poster.  It does seem to be a bit desperate.  A bit lazy cutting out the ...more
Mission Impossible stunts posters
Written July 23, 2015
A wonderful set of posters for the upcoming 5th instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise have arrived. They show the iconic stunt from each of the films. From ...more
Yesterday we got a set of cryptic tweet [ you can read them below the poster ] from the cast, and director, about an announcement regarding the 5th installment of ...more
Mission: Impossible 5 starts filming
Written August 27, 2014
Monday [25Aug2014] saw the start of principle photography of the upcoming 5th instalment in the Mission: Impossible franchise. The film will be filming in Europe and North Africa with visits to ...more
Ready Player One?
Written July 24, 2017
Ready player One
With a million and one Easter eggs in it, Ready Player One has just had its first trailer released. Not only that, the image above has quite a few ...more
Rihanna does Star Trek
Written June 30, 2016
Now Rihanna has jumped onto the Star Trek bandwaggon with her new song. It’s the theme song for Star Trek Beyond. Called Sledgehammer Not only does it seem to be a ...more
Scratt in Cosmic Scrat-Tastrophie
Written November 9, 2015
Scratt is lost in space. Want to find out how? Well, it all starts with him and his acorn. It gets him into trouble, again. Not ...more
See more of the IMF
Written June 4, 2015
Yesterday saw the IMF get some new charcter posters I lamented about who was missing. This has been rectified with three new character posters. Not only that, we get a new ...more

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