Confusions and Connections
Ben Stiller is back at the Museum
Written August 2, 2014
Ben Stiller has reprised his role as Larry Dale. This time in the 3rd Night at the Museum film. This one, like the previous film in the series, also involves Akhmenrah’s ...more
Larry Daley & the gang get a new trailer
Written November 15, 2014
The exhibits are doing strange things so Larry Daley takes the gang to London. There we meet some new characters that will help Larry try and figure out what is happening ...more
Mindhorn is back
Written March 15, 2017
Who is Mindhorn & why has he come out of retirement to solve just one more case?  That would be great if he was real & not a character from ...more
Minions are on the road
Written March 7, 2015
The second trailer for the upcoming Minions movie actually hit the web quite a while ago. I’ve just managed to stumble upon it because the website is a bit ...more
Rules don’t Apply gets a music trailer
Written November 15, 2016
A new trailer for Warren Beatty’s upcoming ensemble film, Rules don’t Apply.  This one is based around a song.  I have to assume that it’s from the film’s soundtrack but ...more
Good news Stephen Fry fans. He’s back again, for the 10th time, to host the 2015 EE British Academy Film Awards. The awards ceremony will happen on February 8, 2015 at ...more
The Minions get a trailer
Written November 8, 2014
Not that long ago the first trailer for The Minions Movie hit the interweb. It’s good. It’s also nice to see the back story of Kevin and the ...more
The Rules Don’t Apply
Written October 26, 2016
The last time Warren Beatty was on the Silver Screen was way back in 2001 with the horrific Town & Country. That too was a big ensemble film. This time ...more
What to see in Hollywood
Written November 17, 2016
We’ve just been sent this amazing Hollywood infographic for the upcoming Rules Don’t Apply It shows you where to visit and some of the amazing things you can see driving around ...more

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