Confusions and Connections
Kingsman: The Secret Service
Written May 26, 2014
This film hit my inbox sometime last week and was ignored until today. Watching the trailer made me think that it could be a great laugh to watch. Then it has ...more
Eddie the Eagle flies again
Written December 16, 2015
Eddie the Eagle flies again! This time into the Silver Screen. A story of love and struggle that ended up in a rule change in the Winter Olympics ...more
Eddie The Eagle has a new poster
Written February 1, 2016
It’s not that long before Eddie the Eagle flies into UK cinemas. With that, we have the brand new poster for the film. It shows the rigorous training that Eddie went ...more
A brand new trailer for Kingsman: The Secret Service has just hit. I was impressed with the first trailer that hit the web. This one is even better! Lots of action ...more
With under a month to go before Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits, we have been sent over a great selection of, new, character posters. They do tell us a lot about ...more
Kingsman take on Take That
Written January 25, 2015
Not that long to go before we see The Kingsman helping to save the world.  With that, we’ve been sent over a nice behind-the-scenes feature from Take That whilst they ...more
It’s not cosplay – they just always look this good Kingsman and Statesman are kicking off Comic-Con 2017! Just see who you can see and ask questions to at San Diego Comic-Con ...more
Last week we saw the trailer, as well as some images released for the film. Today, we get the first set of images & they’re disappointing. No explosions or fights ...more
A new trailer for the upcoming spy comedy, Kingsman: The Secret Service hit the web yesterday. This one goes away from the previous ones. They were mainly about our young ...more
Kingsman: The Secret World Premiere
Written January 16, 2015
A couple of days ago saw Colin Firth, and the rest of the cast of Kingsman: The Secret Service take over London’s Leicester Square for the World Premier of the ...more
Sing a trailer
Written February 16, 2016
Want to go and see a movie that has a singing pig in it? Then Sing! is the movie for you.  Not only that but it has an enormous number ...more
Sing the characters
Written October 27, 2016
Who is who in Sing Movie? Who are the pigs and who is the gorilla? We have the answers below! Matthew McConaughey as Buster Moon Nick Kroll as Gunther Reese Witherspoon ...more
Sing the new trailer
Written May 24, 2016
The singing pig and a Koala who is down on his luck are back in the new Sing trailer. Set in a world like ours but entirely inhabited by animals, Sing ...more
Sing the new trailer
Written November 2, 2016
The amazing new trailer for Sing has exploded onto the web. Not only that, we can also give you a small gallery of images starring all the animals that ...more
The Kingsman is now open
Written August 17, 2017
The brand new poster has arrived for the upcoming second outing of The Kingsman. Not only that, we have a nice set of images and a trailer to keep you ...more
Who are the characters from Sing?
Written October 30, 2016
It wasn’t that long ago that we saw a set of character posters. This time we have a new set of character posters! The only differences is this ...more
Who are the Kingsmen?
Written July 30, 2017
Who are the characters in Kingsman: The Golden Circle?  This new set of character posters help answer that question. Who are the villians & who are the good guys? ...more

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