Confusions and Connections
Yesterday saw the release of two new posters for Tom Cruise’s take on Groundhog Day. We have, sort of, seen them before. They were as banner images and not the posters ...more
Edge of Tomorrow gets its posters
Written May 5, 2014
I have talked before about the new Tom Cruise take on Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow. This time I have for you the two posters as well as three “banners”. I ...more
Ethan Hunt is back in Rogue Nation
Written March 23, 2015
Yesterday saw the release of the first poster and TV sport for the film. Today, we get something even bigger. The first full length trailer. It’s your change to see ...more
Go Rogue with MI5
Written June 3, 2015
We can go rogue with the IMF team with this new set of character posters for the film. I don’t think they do anything more to the film ...more
Impossible requests?
Written June 7, 2015
Friday, I got an email in regarding this, and this post I put up. It was because both of the image sets were not on the same post. This sort of ...more
Jack Reacher is back
Written June 22, 2016
What could happen when Jack Reacher is after you?  It doesn’t look good for you.  This is doubly so if you’re trying to kill him and people who is.  Based ...more
Jack Reacher is back in the new trailer
Written September 29, 2016
Wow! The new Jack Reacher trailer has arrived and it’s explosive.  It goes into a lot more detail than the last one we saw.  Who is actually after him?  Why ...more
Jack Reacher Never Go Back has a poster
Written August 18, 2016
The first international poster for the upcoming second outing of Jack Reacher has arrived. What does it tell us about the film? Nothing more than what the trailers can tell ...more
The Tag line for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, in a way, sums up the hew poster.  It does seem to be a bit desperate.  A bit lazy cutting out the ...more
Mission Impossible stunts posters
Written July 23, 2015
A wonderful set of posters for the upcoming 5th instalment of the Mission Impossible franchise have arrived. They show the iconic stunt from each of the films. From ...more
Yesterday we got a set of cryptic tweet [ you can read them below the poster ] from the cast, and director, about an announcement regarding the 5th installment of ...more
More from Jack Reacher
Written August 11, 2016
Jack Reacher is back with a brand new trailer. This time it’s a short and sweet TV spot. It does manage to show more than the last time ...more
Noel Clarke has now changed tack with his latest film, The Anomaly. Gone are the dramas of growing up that we saw in Kidulthood and its sequel, Adulthood. This time ...more
See more of the IMF
Written June 4, 2015
Yesterday saw the IMF get some new charcter posters I lamented about who was missing. This has been rectified with three new character posters. Not only that, we get a new ...more
A NEW WORLD OF MOMENTS WORTH PAYING FOR WITH THE MUMMY’S SOFIA BOUTELLA Sofia Boutella, star of upcoming action adventure The Mummy, is the latest actress to appear in an exclusive ...more
Three premieres, three different cities on two different continents. Not bad for a day’s work! The day started before 7am in London with the first premiere of the day, then ...more
Tom Cruise and a time loop
Written March 26, 2014
Tom Cruise has a new film coming out. Yep, it’s another sci-fi one! From the director of the Bourne Identity and Mr & Mrs Smith, comes an epic action film. What ...more

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