Confusions and Connections
Be a Maze Runner in the next book
Written September 7, 2015
BRAND NEW MAZE RUNNER ADVENTURE GIVES FANS THE CHANCE TO STAR IN THE NEXT BOOK The award-winning author of the hugely successful Maze Runner series, James Dashner, has written a brand ...more
ComicCon – the social film buzz
Written July 16, 2015
Our friends over at Way To Blue have produced this great infographic showing what films the web are talking about after their launches at San Diego ComicCon. There are a couple ...more
HP and the Evil Genius
Written February 18, 2015
Sometimes being an Evil Genius has its problems. One is when you have computer issues that you can’t solve with trying to power it using one of your minions. This ...more
Lack of death
Written July 31, 2014
A year ago, around about now, I suffered a heart attack, fortunately the outcome wasn’t a death in the family! As I keep saying, to quote Monty Python, “I ain’t ...more
Man up future self!
Written October 3, 2014
As a programmer, I have to work with a lot of code that has been written by other people. Sometimes I have to write my own to interface with this ...more
The new Terminator film gets a title
Written August 6, 2014
The Twitter-sphere, and the rest of the Interweb has exploded as the title of the new Terminator film has just been announced. It started with a tweet from Arnie, then an ...more
The perils of reviews under Embargo
Written April 18, 2013
Yesterday I was sitting in one of the leopard-print seats at the Odeon West End watching with several thousand other people the upcoming film Iron Man 3. Today, whilst typing this ...more
The next time you watch an action movie where the heroes randomly destroy parts of the city that you love spare a thought for a small, or more probably, a ...more

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