Who is Danny Rand?

Written February 22, 2017 by

Marvel's Iron Fist poster

Who is Danny Rand? Where has he been for the last 15 years?  What has happened to the family bushiness after his parents died?

This great featurette, as well as the poster & some images from the Netflix series should help you answer some of these questions.  It will also generate more questions.

Billionaire Danny Rand returns to New York City after…more

Patriots Day – Patrick and Jessica

Written February 22, 2017 by

A wonderful new featurette for Patriots Day has arrived.  It’s the story of two of the survivors, Patrick Downes & Jessica Kensky.  Both left with life changing injuries but they picked each other up and carried on living.

Watch their inspiring story about what happened on that day and then what happened afterwards.

In the aftermath of an unspeakable act of terror,…more

Their Finest – Their new poster

Written February 21, 2017 by

Their Finest quad poster

If you missed the trailer, then don’t worry as you can find it over here.

This time we have been sent over the newest poster.  What can these brave actors do to try and get America to join the war on the side of the British?  Will the film that they are making tug the heart strings enough to make then…more

King Arthur has a trailer

Written February 20, 2017 by

Just now, Warner Bros released the brand new trailer for King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.  It does take the Arthurian legend and seemingly plonks it down into some bizarre take on Monty Python without the humour but with the aquatic bints & magic swords

When the child Arthur’s father is murdered, Vortigern, Arthur’s uncle, seizes the crown. Robbed of his…more

Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D has a release date

Written February 20, 2017 by

Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D

Friday saw the announcement of James Cameron’s 3D re-mastering of Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Today we are proud to announce the UK release date courtesy of STUDIOCANAL. That being August 25, 2017.

It has been 10 years since the events of Terminator. Sarah Connor’s ordeal is only just beginning as she struggles to protect her son John, the future leader of…more

Man Down has a poster

Written February 19, 2017 by

Since the trailer, and images, hit earlier this year we’ve been waiting for the poster to arrive for the upcoming thriller, Man Down.

In a savage post-apocalyptic America, U.S. Marine Gabriel Drummer, searches desperately for the whereabouts of his estranged son, Jonathan and wife, Natalie. Accompanied by his best friend Devin, a hardnosed marine whose natural instinct is to shoot first…more

Patriots Day – The Officials

Written February 19, 2017 by

Patriots Day - Heroes

Who were involved in solving the terrorist attack to hit Boston on Patriots Day?  This featurette focuses on those men and the people who played them in the film

In the aftermath of an unspeakable act of terror, Police Sergeant TOMMY SAUNDERS joins courageous survivors, first responders and investigators in a race against the clock to hunt down the bombers before…more

Ghost in the Shell on your desktop

Written February 18, 2017 by

With the upcoming live action remake of the classic 1995 anime film, Ghost in the Shell, hits the silver screen, we give you something to smarten up your desktop with The Major and the rest of Section 9.

There are some images that are straight out of the anime but others that are unique to this film…


Michael Keaton is The Founder

Written February 18, 2017 by

It’s Michael Keaton!  That’s what one of the stars of his new film thought when they were playing scenes with the great actor.

There is some new footage & interviews compared to the first featurette.  However, there is quite a lot just recycled as well…

The Founder is a drama that tells the true story of how Ray Kroc, a salesman from…more

Live Q&A with James Cameron on Terminator 2 : Judgement Day 3D at the Berlinale

Written February 17, 2017 by

Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3D

Today we have some great news for you.

STUDIOCANAL is pleased to announce that James Cameron will conduct a live Q&A to celebrate the world premiere of TERMINATOR 2: JUDGEMENT DAY 3D. He will answer questions from the audience and Facebook users today which will stream live on Facebook on the official T2 page.

It has been 10 years since the events…more

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