Confusions and Connections
29 years ago football was hit by one of the game’s greatest tragedies. The fire at Bradford City’s ground, Valley Parade. I have covered the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster but ...more
See more of the Expendables
Written May 20, 2014
Earlier we were sent over a new set of images from the geriatric-fest that The Expendables are more becoming. Seemingly with an average age of about 80, the old clunkers are ...more
Software Simian or Code Monkey?
Written May 27, 2014
Last week in the office we were talking about job descriptions and why adding “executive” to a job title is as meaningless as adding salt to concrete Sisyphus’ quest [I ...more
The Beatles gave us Mamma Mia!
Written May 22, 2014
I hope that title grabbed your attention and went “WHAT!“. Let me explain. For regular readers of this blog you should know that I have a dirty secret. I meet up ...more
The Eurovision Song Contest
Written May 13, 2014
Over the weekend we saw the greatest annual event in the world. No it wasn’t a football match. It was the 59th time the event was run. The Eurovision Song Contest ...more
Yesterday I received a press release. I know that’s not an uncommon occurrence as I’m on quite a few press mailing lists for information about up-and-coming films. This one was one ...more
Thoughts on a milestone
Written May 21, 2014
Yesterday saw a milestone in this blog. It was when the 200th post was put live. I never thought when I started this experiment that it would go on to hit ...more
Three premieres, three different cities on two different continents. Not bad for a day’s work! The day started before 7am in London with the first premiere of the day, then ...more
Two great Transformer related items were released this week. One was the amazing new trailer that, if you haven’t watched it yet, will blow you away. The second is a new ...more
What Happened to the U in forty?
Written May 7, 2014
The simple answer to this posts question is: Nobody knows! It just vanished. With four and fourteen, the u is there. When you get to forty, something strange happens. The u from ...more
Yesterday, I got into an argument over an analogy used in this post. I had to change it to a more fitting one. It ended up being a lot better ...more
X-films. History of X-men films
Written May 24, 2014
With the new X-men film in UK cinemas, it gives us a chance to look back at all the films that have spawned from the comic books. Most of this post ...more

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