Confusions and Connections
Our Kind of Traitor
Written February 11, 2016
The next film from the pen of the author of Tinker Tailor, Soldier Spy has a set of images and an intriguing trailer. That being Our kind of Traitor. It does ...more
Pete and his Dragon
Written February 22, 2016
With the release of the US trailer for the remake of the classic 70s Disney film, Pete’s Dragon hitting the net earlier today I am saddened that it’s just an ...more
Ramanujan , Infinity & Beyond
Written February 28, 2016
Who was Srinavasa Ramanujan? Why should we be making a film of his short life? It’s something that we are seeing at the moment. films not about ...more
Relax with Zoolander
Written February 3, 2016
Just relax and go with Derek Zoolander in the new, explosively stupid, trailer. What does it tell us that the other trailers haven’t? Well, Derek & Hansel are ...more
Sing a trailer
Written February 16, 2016
Want to go and see a movie that has a singing pig in it? Then Sing! is the movie for you.  Not only that but it has an enormous number ...more
Singing in the face of critism
Written February 21, 2016
A couple of days ago we get sent over some information about an upcoming film called Florence Foster Jenkins.  That one will star Meryl Streep as the lady in question ...more
The Alternative Oscars
Written February 29, 2016
Yesterday saw the 88th Annual Oscar ceremony and our friends over at Substance Global have done a great alternative Oscar infographic. Not only that, they have also done a ...more
The Batmobile hits London
Written February 20, 2016
IF you’re in London at the moment why not head over to Leicester Square where you will come face-to-face with the real Batmobile from BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. ...more
The High Rise goes Kaleidoscope
Written February 24, 2016
A new poster has hit for the High Rise and it’s a kaleidoscopefor your eyes. There is an animated poster as well but that’s something you can discover for yourself. It’s ...more
The High Rise has a poster
Written February 16, 2016
The High Rise has had a great campaign so far. Then the poster has come out and it’s let me down massively. The teaser posters were a magnificent piece of ...more
The Vamps and Kung Fu Panda
Written February 10, 2016
THE VAMPS LEND THEIR VOICES TO KUNG FU PANDA 3 Connor Ball and James McVey have cameo roles in the film Yesterday, fresh from recording their own version of Kung Fu Fighting ...more
Zoolander on Abbey Road
Written February 7, 2016
Zoolander and Hansel are back. They were let lose to run around London after they came for the UK Premiere. It seemed they migrated to Abbey Road and spontaneously cloned ...more
Derek Zoolander, Hansel and the rest all wish you an, early, Valentine’s Day. We give you a great selection of new character posters.  Not only that, we get some great ...more

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