Confusions and Connections
The Swallows and Amazons are back where they belong. On the silver screen. That and having adventures in the Lake District. With them already saling into UK cinemas, we have been ...more
The Bad Santa is back
Written August 12, 2016
Billy Bob Thornton is coming back as the Bad Santa. What chaos could he get up to this time. Not only that, we also meet Willie’s mother and she seems ...more
The Infiltrator, the trailer
Written August 21, 2016
How do you manage to bring down one of the biggest names in the Columbian drug cartels?  Simply by following the money not the petty crooks on the street.  That ...more
The Man in Yellow has a new trailer
Written August 1, 2016
The Man in Yellow, Batman, is back with a brand new trailer. This one shows us a brand new character that he adopted. Some of the safety features of the ...more
The Myth of Kubo
Written August 29, 2016
Want to find out how Kubo and the Two Strings was made then this is the feature for you.  I thought it was CGI but it isn’t.  It’s all stop ...more
The Summer Bytes festival at The National Museum of Computing has had a flurry of strange requests from across the globe. Self-confessed scavengers have wanted to perform an obscure but ...more
They have arrived!
Written August 16, 2016
Three great things have just arrived for Arrival. The upcoming sci-fi thriller. They have arrived on earth but only one woman can save humanity. The three great things are; two trailers ...more
Who is the Criminal?
Written August 15, 2016
From the great Prasad Bhat comes two amazing gifs showing the characters of Gary Oldman & Kevin Costner for the DVD & blu-ray release of Criminal. How many can you name?  ...more
Working with a fiery co-star
Written August 8, 2016
What is it like to work with a 20 foot tall, occasionally invisible, fire breathing dragon? WE ask the cast and crew bout what it’s like. This is ...more

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