Confusions and Connections
Renton, Spud, Sick Boy & Begbie are back
Written November 3, 2016
The gang are back for a second adventure. What has happened to Renton & the gang in the last 20 years? The brand new trailer, with an updated “Choose Life” ...more
Resident Evil and the new poster
Written November 13, 2016
The brand new, international, poster for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter has arrived. What does it show?  Well, apart from Alice on a motorbike shooting at something behind her whilst heading ...more
Rita Repulsa has arrived
Written November 30, 2016
Two amazing images have been released showing Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa Photo credit: Tim Palen Photo credit: Tim Palen It’s quite a change from how we have seen this character in the ...more
Rules don’t Apply gets a music trailer
Written November 15, 2016
A new trailer for Warren Beatty’s upcoming ensemble film, Rules don’t Apply.  This one is based around a song.  I have to assume that it’s from the film’s soundtrack but ...more
Selene is our only hope. She is the only one who can stop the Lycan invasion and the possibility of war that will come from that. The trailer tells us ...more
Silence has a trailer
Written November 24, 2016
It’s taken over 25 years to get this to the screen. Silence has become a passion for the director, Martin Scorsese. It has finally been made and is ...more
Sing the new trailer
Written November 2, 2016
The amazing new trailer for Sing has exploded onto the web. Not only that, we can also give you a small gallery of images starring all the animals that ...more
Smurfs have a new trailer
Written November 21, 2016
Our favourite blue heroes, The Smurfs, are back in the new trailer for their upcoming journey into The Lost Village Not only do we have the great trailer but a new ...more
Split has a new poster
Written November 22, 2016
The brand new poster for the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan film, Split, has arrived. I’m not exactly sure what the poster is trying to tell us.  Is the shattered glass meant ...more
How do you stack assassins? It seems we have the answer in the new international poster for Assassin’s Creed Not only do we get that answer but a dubious crime against ...more
The Ardennes reveals crime in the forest
Written November 23, 2016
This blog doesn’t tend to cover that many foreign language films. Ardennes is slightly different. The trailer caught my attention straight away. A strange cross of genres make this “Flemish noir” ...more
Transformers and IMAX
Written November 16, 2016
The first thing to hit about the upcoming, unnecessary, 5th instalment in the Transformers franchise has arrived. It’s not a trailer, synopsis or anything useful.  It’s a 2 minute advert, sorry, ...more
Valerian and the amazing trailer
Written November 10, 2016
Holy WOW! What can you say when one of the great directors makes a film that’s even better than The Fifth Element!  That’s saying a lot but it does seem ...more
What to see in Hollywood
Written November 17, 2016
We’ve just been sent this amazing Hollywood infographic for the upcoming Rules Don’t Apply It shows you where to visit and some of the amazing things you can see driving around ...more
When programming was physical
Written November 20, 2016
Interactive 1950’s computer programming reconstruction from Germany wins 2016 Tony Sale Award The 2016 Tony Sale Award for computer conservation has been won by the Heinz-Nixdorf MuseumsForum (HNF) for its evocative ...more
Why do you build Fences?
Written November 27, 2016
Do you build fences to keep people out or in?  This seems to be the question poised in the second trailer for this film. There is an official synopsis, however it ...more
Wonder Woman has a new trailer
Written November 3, 2016
How can a princess save the world? Easy, when she is Diana, better known as Wonder Woman. Not only can we give you the above brilliant trailer, three empowering posters ...more
Xander Cage is back in the new trailer
Written November 2, 2016
How can Xander Cage save the world this time? Easy, get a hand picked team of misfits together to kick the butt of anyone that gets in their way! Extreme athlete turned ...more
xXx: Return of Xander Cage
Written November 1, 2016
The first posters, a lot of them, have hit the web for the next adventure of Xanger Cage. Better known as xXx he is back helping the government save ...more
Zombie survival guide from Haynes
Written November 3, 2016
Haynes aims to take out zombies with new survival app Haynes Zombie Survival App based on best-selling Zombie Survival Manual by Sean T Page With The Walking Dead returning to our screens ...more

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