Confusions and Connections
Patriots Day – The poster
Written December 23, 2016
Only a couple of days ago we saw the latest trailer for Patriots Day. Now we can give you the poster. There is also the 1 sheet poster available as well.  ...more
Patriots Day’s gallery
Written December 7, 2016
First the bad news, it seems that Patriots Day has been bumped from the end of January to the end of February. Little strange as it’ll, currently, put it head ...more
Rita Repulsa is back
Written December 15, 2016
Rita Repulsa
We have seen Rita Repulsa before but this time we see her in action! What will her plans be and how will the heroic Power Rangers stop her evil ways? Photo credit: ...more
Silence has a poster
Written December 3, 2016
The poster has arrived for Martin Scorsese’s Silence. What does it show us about the film?  Not much & I feel it doesn’t give the correct feel to the film as ...more
The Boss Baby is back
Written December 16, 2016
The Boss Baby
Who is The Boss Baby?  What is his plans?  Some of these questions can be answered in the brand new hilarious trailer for the upcoming film. The Boss Baby is a ...more
Transformers has a poster
Written December 13, 2016
Transformers - The Last Knight poster
The poster’s tag line is ominous – Rethink your heroes. What has happened to Optimus Prime? The trailer for the next film in the Transformers franchise took us ...more
Finally, the first trailer has exploded onto the web. Now we can see what will happen in the latest Transformers film.  Well, more than the plug to see it in ...more
Who are films ultimate double acts?
Written December 24, 2016
Jonah Hill and Miles Teller
With the release of War Dogs on Blu-ray and DVD on Boxing Day this year from Warner Brothers, a new comedy act in Jonah Hill and Miles Teller beckons. As ...more
Who was Nat Turner
Written December 5, 2016
Who was Nat Turner? This is the question that you hear a lot. Even in America where he is one of the most controversial people in American history. In this featurette, ...more
Who were NASA’s computers?
Written December 7, 2016
Who were the women that managed to get man in orbit and to the moon? Hidden Figures is the story behind some of NASA’s computers. Not the electronic ones. The ...more
Xander has a poster
Written December 11, 2016
Xander Cage is coming back in January 2017 with the explosive third part of his story. What does it show?  Not much actually; apart from some of the people who are ...more

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