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The Evil Overlord who maintains the website has been working within the film industry for too many years. From the early days of the web where things were even less regulated than today and the major distributors still sent out slides and printed synopsis for their latest film...
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Manga and Anime on the Big Screen
Written July 23, 2017
The Major in Ghost in the Shell
Live adaptations of anime and manga are often a very contentious subject amongst fans, however with many Western comics making it to the ‘live-action’ big screen, why not Japan’s graphic ...more
Saban’s 2017 POWER RANGERS re-boot proudly has the teen-heroes fight representation as well as evil. Directed by Dean Israelite, the film is a fresh take for the five friends, and ...more
Weird Al helps Captain Underpants
Written July 22, 2017
Captain Underpants - Theme song by Weird Al Yankovic
What does the great parody pop-star has to do with underpants? The simple answer is “Weird Al” Yankovic. He’s written and, as you can see, sings the theme ...more
Jigsaw’s gruesome first trailer
Written July 20, 2017
The first trailer has hit for Jigsaws latest outing.  The one after the “last one ever“.  This comes quite hot on the heals of the poster that hit earlier in ...more
IT has a new poster
Written July 20, 2017
It comic-con poster
With San Diego Comic-con happening at the moment, Warner Bros. have released a brand new poster for that event. This time they’ve managed to make an even creepier poster than I ...more
Could you babysit Annabelle
Written July 20, 2017
The possessed doll Annabelle, known from The Conjuring universe, arrived in London today, accompanied by actress Emilia Sofia Varslauskaite, 12. The creepy pair were seen travelling towards Stratford, where they ...more
TNMOC-EDSAC computer re-created, 26th June, 2013.Photo by John Robertson, 2013. Dr Andrew Herbert OBE has taken over the chairmanship of The National Museum of Computing from Andy Clark, who has stood ...more
Only the Brave – The trailer
Written July 19, 2017
This sort of “Based on a true story” film always fills me with dread. Even more so if it’s based on some sort of “heroic emergency”. I would expect, mediocre ...more
It’s not cosplay – they just always look this good Kingsman and Statesman are kicking off Comic-Con 2017! Just see who you can see and ask questions to at San Diego Comic-Con ...more
Meet the Death Note crew
Written July 18, 2017
Welcome to Death Note.  This time we have been sent over character posters for the three main, human, characters from the film.  Light, Mia & L. Based on the famous ...more
Dunkirk – World Premiere
Written July 15, 2017
Thursday saw the World Premiere of Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. The cast and director were there in London’s West End with Prince Harry also making an appearance. “Dunkirk” opens as hundreds ...more
T2-3D tickets on sale now
Written July 13, 2017
Not only do we have a great new trailer, but you can also book tickets to see the film in cinemas. That and see it at a special event on ...more
The American Assassin is back
Written July 13, 2017
American Assassin - Trailer 2
It’s been a while since the first trailer hit back in April. This trailer shows a lot more of the action in the film than that one. Also, ...more
Valerian: City of Alpha – The game
Written July 12, 2017
Experience the breathtaking sci-fi universe from the movie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Engage with stunning art work Explore distant galaxies, connect with far-flung aliens, create your own vision ...more
Between The Wall and a bullet
Written July 12, 2017
The best way to sum up this film, from the trailer, is Phone Booth in Iraq. Who will win?  Well, my money isn’t on the Iraqi sniper The Wall is a deadly ...more

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