House of Cards – Hear from the Underwoods

Written May 2, 2017 by

Somebody knows that America needs for 2016 and it’s not this guy.  It’s somebody even worse, Frank Underwood. Somebody who knows that he is needed, even if the country hates every thing about him.

Will he succeed or will his own safe-worth get the better of him?  The jury is out on that but the, below, trailer shows an exciting ride…more

All Eyez on Me

Written May 1, 2017 by

All Eyez On Me

What was the story behind Tupac Shakur?  Will this film actually go behind the myths that have grown up in the decades since his murder or just play into that myth?

It does seem, looking at the trailer, more of the latter than the former as some of the people do look like they come across in a lot better light…more

Message from Lucy Mirando

Written May 1, 2017 by

Okja - A Message from Lucy Mirando

Late last week we got a press release, and video, from the CEO of Mirando Corporation, Lucy Mirando telling us about her companies latest project.

This is the Super Pig Project. You can find out all about it and what this means to you at the official website.

For 10 idyllic years, young Mija has been caretaker and constant companion to…more

Who are the ladies of GLOW?

Written April 30, 2017 by

Not only do we get the teaser trailer but a great set of character posters to go with the upcoming Netflix series GLOW.

GLOW tells the fictional story of Ruth Wilder, an out-of-work, struggling actress in 1980s Los Angeles who finds one last chance for stardom when she’s thrust into the glitter and spandex world…more

Live By Night coming to DVD soon

Written April 27, 2017 by

Live By Night cover

Oscar winner Ben Affleck (“Argo”) directs and stars in LIVE BY NIGHT, the action-packed crime thriller, set in the Roaring 20s amidst an underground network of gangster-run speakeasies. Go behind the glamour where rules are broken and secrets are uncovered when LIVE BY NIGHT becomes available to own on Blu-ray™ and DVD from May 22 and Digital Download from May…more

MyFilmClub – The new film app

Written April 26, 2017 by

myfilmClub logo


‘The first rule of MyFilmClub is: you DO talk about MyFilmClub’

Given the size and scope of the UK film industry, you’d think someone would’ve found a way to make cinema-going more connected by now. To have taken our national love of film and made it…more

The history behind The Promise

Written April 24, 2017 by

The Promise quad poster

Today is Armenian Genocide Memorial Day and with that in mind, The Promise has released the below feature about the events that went on in Armenia that inspired the film

1.5 million lives lost. This is their story.

Posted by The Promise Film on Sunday, 23 April 2017

It is 1914. As the Great War looms, the mighty Ottoman Empire is crumbling.…more

House of cards is back for a 5th season

Written April 23, 2017 by

House of Cards

What is happening at Francis Underwood’s house? With they come together and make it through this time. What can Francis do to help himself, sorry, the American people.

To celebrate the news that Francis Underwood is coming back for a 5th time, Netflix has sent over a set of images to make you wonder what’s next in store for him…

The fifth…more

6 Days have character posters

Written April 22, 2017 by

6 Days - Kate Adie

A set of, character, posters have arrived for the upcoming thriller 6 Days.

They show the major players in the events unfolding around them.  From the reporter, Kate Adie, hiding behind a car door keeping the British public informed on what was happening to one of the men involved in the rescue.

In April 1980, six armed gunmen stormed…more

Al Gore is back with An Inconvenient Sequel

Written April 22, 2017 by

An Inconvenient Sequel

The last time we saw Al Gore in the cinema he was terrifying us with a powerpoint presentation in An Inconvenient Truth and we all thought of the below.

That lecture ended up being an Oscar winning film. Jump forward ten years to 2017, he is back and more angry that nothing has been done to protect the planet and the…more

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