Death Note is back

Written July 2, 2017 by

Netflix has taken Death Note and given it an American Twist. This has caused some controversy about “Whitewashing” the story. Why is this a problem? Why wouldn’t Ryuk drop the book in a different country?

That out of the way, we have been sent over not only the trailer, poster, images but also a nice featurette about making of the film.


Everything, Everything’s musical trailer

Written July 2, 2017 by

A brand new trailer has hit the web for the upcoming teen romance, Everything, Everything.  This time it focuses more on the music from the film.  That mixed with some new footage from the film.

It’s something that I can’t remember seeing before from a trailer.  It is nice as you do get a lot of “What was that music in…more

Logan Lucky is lucky?

Written July 2, 2017 by

What can a family curse help when you’re trying to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway on the busiest race day of the year?

Well, it seems to breed stupid.  Very, very stupid to be precise.  How can these idiots pull off one of the biggest robberies that America has ever seen?

Jimmy Logan is from a blue-collar family from the hills of…more

Fassbender Unseen

Written July 1, 2017 by

At the age of 40, Michael Fassbender already has an acting career most members of his clan can but dream of. Sensitive little indie hits? Check. Powerful, critically-acclaimed dramas with visionary directors? Check, times three. Giant, Hollywood blockbusters in which he gets to fly and fight monsters? Triple check and add two. Although not all Fassbender’s movies have been an…more

The Greatest Showman

Written July 1, 2017 by

The first trailer for the upcoming film based on the life on possibly the greatest showman of all time. P.T. Barnum.

It’s a musical so comparisons will, undoubtedly, be made with the stage musical, Barnum.  Who knows, they may even share some of the songs.

Even so, just sit back and enjoy the first trailer.

The film is still a good 5 months…more

Annabelle has a new poster

Written June 30, 2017 by

What does the new poster tell us about the next chapter in The Conjuring series.

Apart from the doll being incredibly creepy, there could be a religious undertone to the film… I’m not sure as I can’t put my finger on it…

In “Annabelle: Creation,” several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a…more

Keeping London monster free

Written June 27, 2017 by

A couple of days ago I posted up about a great short film done by the same people who did American the Bill Hicks Story. This time they need your help. They have started a kickstarter project to make a supernatural short film. They have already got some great people, and companies, onboard but they need some help to get…more

Apes have a final trailer

Written June 27, 2017 by

War for the Planet of the Apes

The new, and possibly, final trailer for the 3rd time we see Caesar fighting humanity. This time the war is for supremacy. Who will win? Will Earth turn into a planet of apes or will mankind prevail?

In War for the Planet of the Apes, the third chapter of the critically acclaimed blockbuster franchise, Caesar and his apes…more

Stronger – The story of Jeff Bauman

Written June 26, 2017 by

Jeff Bauman isn’t a name that jumps to your tongue. More precisely, why does he deserve a film about him? The simple answer is that this is the second film that has come from the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing after Patriots Day.

This is based on what happened to Jeff in the lead up to the bombing and his recovery since.


Helping Okja come to life

Written June 26, 2017 by

How did Bong Joon Ho’s new film start?  What was his inspiration and why did a mirage have so much to do with everything?

These questions can be answered by watching the below production featurette

For 10 idyllic years, young Mija has been caretaker and constant companion to Okja — a massive animal and an even bigger friend — at her home…more

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