Confusions and Connections
Another trailer for Detroit
Written June 15, 2017
What happened at the hotel? This is the question that needs to be answered. This is a film about the Detroit riots of 1967 and one if the most controversial ...more
Captain America: Civil War Wallpaper
Written February 23, 2016
Want something to show your allegience to Captain America or Iron Man? This is your chance to decide as I give you a ton of wallpapers for your computer. ...more
Detroit is on fire
Written April 16, 2017
The late 1960s was a dark time in America. The war in Vietnam was starting to become unpopular. Riots were breaking out across the country. Then in 1967 came the ...more
Three wise men party all night?
Written October 28, 2015
Three friends become Three Wise Men in the upcoming The Night Before. It stars Seth Rogan so you know what to expect. If you watch the trailer you will know ...more
Triple 9
Written November 11, 2015
Triple 9 is the upcoming thriller from John Hillcoat.  It does involve the new baddies.  The after the Mafia has been left behind in films.  It’s the Russian Mob. It does ...more
Triple 9 – The final poster
Written December 28, 2015
Not that long before Triple 9 hits the silver screen here in the UK. I asked two questions about the poster in this page’s description.  They were: Is the poster any good? What ...more

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