Confusions and Connections
Death and films
Written August 3, 2013
I got the idea for this post whilst in the Cardiac Care Ward of Manchester’s Royal University Hospital after suffering from a heart attack earlier in the day! With that happening ...more
From iconic robots to monsters
Written April 7, 2014
Last week I did a piece about iconic robots. That caused a bit of a storm over on facebook. This time I’ll be talking about monsters. Not any old ones but ...more
The Drac Pack is back in Hotel Transylvania 2. This time with a wonderful trailer that now has Drac as a grandfather who is doting on his, almost, human ...more
Minions on my mind
Written December 8, 2013
A package from a well known Internet store arrived today and that got my mind thinking about an upcoming movie. When I tell you the package had Despicable Me 2 in ...more
The Minions get a trailer
Written November 8, 2014
Not that long ago the first trailer for The Minions Movie hit the interweb. It’s good. It’s also nice to see the back story of Kevin and the ...more
Visit Hotel Transylvania
Written July 30, 2015
The Hotel Transylvania is open for business and this time it’s not just for monsters! They even have done the below pomo for the hotel.  This is what you can expect ...more

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