Confusions and Connections
Geostorm has a trailer
Written March 9, 2017
Geostorm - Official Teaser
Geostorm is Dean Devlin’s directorial debut & it’s straight out of Roland Emmerich’s playbook. It looks like a remake of Roland’s 2009’s 2012. Big disaster movie but this time it’s ...more
Who is the stranger that has been invited into Jennifer Lawrence’s house? A couple’s relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence. Hitting UK cinemas September ...more
Mother has a poster
Written August 14, 2017
Mother! poster
Last week saw the first trailer for the upcoming horror film starring Jennifer Lawrence, Mother!. Today, we have been sent over the poster for the film. Apart from telling us that ...more
Last year saw the Cars spin-off, Planes, fly into cinemas. Now we can go and see the sequel. It’s still have quite a wait until it hist the Silver Screen! ...more
Rules don’t Apply gets a music trailer
Written November 15, 2016
A new trailer for Warren Beatty’s upcoming ensemble film, Rules don’t Apply.  This one is based around a song.  I have to assume that it’s from the film’s soundtrack but ...more
Run All Night
Written February 8, 2015
Fresh off the back of TAK3N, Liam Neeson is back with Run All Night. We’ve been sent over a couple of things for the film. The trailer, a couple of ...more
Run All Night a TV spot
Written March 9, 2015
Not that long to go before Liam Neeson is shooting his way into cinemas with Run All Night.  After watching the trailer below, all I feel is that this is ...more
Take all the Roland Emmerich disaster movies and theow them into the same pot. Out would pop something like Geostorm. It has moments of 2012, The Day after Tomorrow and ...more
The Rules Don’t Apply
Written October 26, 2016
The last time Warren Beatty was on the Silver Screen was way back in 2001 with the horrific Town & Country. That too was a big ensemble film. This time ...more
What to see in Hollywood
Written November 17, 2016
We’ve just been sent this amazing Hollywood infographic for the upcoming Rules Don’t Apply It shows you where to visit and some of the amazing things you can see driving around ...more

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