Confusions and Connections
Posters that look familiar
Written December 16, 2012
Over the last couple of days something stirred in my head.  It came from a set of emails that I received about upcoming films.  That was “That poster that just ...more
Prehistoric critters help The Croods?
Written December 21, 2012
Fox, the distributor not the animal, has just released the first true poster for the film The Croods. Unlike the poster for A Good Day to Die Hard there isn’t ...more
Promotional Items
Written December 30, 2012
Another way of getting your new film out is the use of promotional items. Most of the time it’s just the usual t-shorts and caps. I’ve run competitions in the ...more
We all know what to do if you’re stuck in a house that’s on fire, how to cross the road or even how to fry an egg – well that ...more
Speed around London
Written October 7, 2013
With Turbo speeding into UK cinemas in two weeks time on October 18th, Londoners and tourists alike were shocked today with a real-life Turbo speeding around the great city. Managing to ...more
Strange things happening to the McClanes
Written December 17, 2012
The first poster for the next installment of the McClane series has just hit the web. Apart from the cut and paste poster that could have appeared in an earlier ...more
Tarantino movie guides
Written January 19, 2013
This isn’t going to be what you are used to seeing on this blog. It’s not a rant about a film, how the industry works or suchlike. This one is ...more
The Box Set
Written December 29, 2012
This can be the scourge of the film fan. You have already gone out and bought the DVD. Then upgraded to the Blu-ray as you hoped it would be of ...more
The colours of posters
Written December 24, 2012
A disturbing trend is creeping into posters.  This has happened over the last couple of years.  That is the use of Orange and Blue in posters. I have dug through the ...more
The Croods take on The Chancellor
Written March 20, 2013
Grug today released news that he was dropping the price of beer by one pebble per horn. This came as a shock to us all as we didn’t realise that Stonehenge ...more
The Last poster?
Written January 5, 2013
2013 kicks off as 2013 left us. With bad poster design. This time it’s for the unanticipated Arnie film, The Last Stand. Showing the same feel as this poster, but ...more
The strange world of film trailers
Written April 22, 2013
One of the major items in a distributors bag to get information out about a film is the trailer. They originally ran after the film. That’s why they are, still, called ...more
The next time you watch an action movie where the heroes randomly destroy parts of the city that you love spare a thought for a small, or more probably, a ...more
The worst word in any synopsis
Written December 19, 2012
When the below synopsis arrived for the 2011 version of Conan The Barbarian, Sorry, Conan hit my in-box my heart sank. That word is the worst one you can ever to ...more
Top Ten lists
Written December 20, 2012
Another good thing to do is a “top ten” list.  This is normally sent over to me by an agency with a plea to put them up.  This I normally ...more
Zombies, Wolverine and the future
Written April 6, 2013
I have already ranted about the current situation of a lot of films have posters that are very similar. Now it’s Paramount’s turn to get in on the act with ...more

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