Confusions and Connections
Alan Bennett and a van
Written September 6, 2015
A nice fun film that shows the relationship between playwright Alan Bennett and a lady who took over his life. From an offer to help her for a couple of ...more
Maggie Smith and a parked van
Written June 1, 2015
Maggie Smith is Miss Shepherd in the big screen version of The Lady in the Van. Based on the book, and stage play, of the same name by Alan ...more
Mr Holmes gets a new trailer
Written April 21, 2015
We all know what happened to Mr Holmes. he went off to keep bees. Now we know why. It’s what his friend Watson wrote about him. not only that, his home ...more
Sherlock’s last case – Mr Holmes
Written March 6, 2015
Sherlock is bitter but is happy living sway from the world he used to inhabit. He has his bees and his solitude in Sussex. He discovers a case that has ...more
Survivor gets a poster
Written April 30, 2015
The poster for the upcoming Milla Jovovich & Pierce Brosnan thriller, Survivor, has arrived. It’s been quite a while since the trailer hit the blog. The poster has so many clich├ęs ...more
Who is the Survivor?
Written April 7, 2015
Survivor is the new thriller starring Milla Jovovich and James Bond, Pierce Brosnan. Not only do we get the trailer below but some images to keep you amused until the film ...more

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