Confusions and Connections
Into Hell with Fury
Written October 1, 2014
An amazing new featurette has just hit the web for Fury. This time it’s a look behind the scenes on how the film was made. From using real tanks to ...more
Star Trek Discovery has new images
Written July 30, 2017
First the good news about Star Trek Discovery. We are now going to be seeing 15 episodes in the first season! Not the 13 that was previously announced. With that great ...more
Star Trek: Discovery has a trailer
Written July 24, 2017
The amazing, and explosive, first trailer for the upcoming new Star Trek series has arrived. It’s going to be on Netflix everywhere in the world except the US and Canada. Not ...more
Star Trek: Discovery is coming
Written June 19, 2017
Star Trek Discovery poster
All new episodes will be available on Netflix weekly on Mondays everywhere except in the U.S. and Canada. The 15-episode season will be released in two chapters. The first eight episodes ...more
The Death of Stalin
Written August 7, 2017
The Death of Stalin 1 sheet poster
What happened after the death of Stalin? This film may not totally answer that question but it will have a fun time trying to! From the desk of Armando Iannucci comes ...more
THE INFILTRATOR – Escobar Infographic
Written September 18, 2016
With The Infiltrator in UK cinemas, we have for you a great infographic that covers the life of Pablo Escobar’s empire and how to clean your own money… Based on a ...more
The Infiltrator, the trailer
Written August 21, 2016
How do you manage to bring down one of the biggest names in the Columbian drug cartels?  Simply by following the money not the petty crooks on the street.  That ...more
The movies hit the Super Bowl
Written February 6, 2017
Superbowl LI logo
We’ve been sent over a couple of the TV spots that movies had in yesterday’s Super Bowl LI. One you’ve already seen. Transformers: The Last Knight was released yesterday but these ...more

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