Confusions and Connections
The new Hercules trailer has just hit. It’s what you would expect for a film with Dwayne Johnson in it. Lots of action, not much acting. After watching the ...more
Hercules gets a Trailer and more
Written March 25, 2014
With everyone’s favourite children’s entertainer, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson playing the hero of the piece, Hercules, we have been sent the first, teaser, trailer from the film as well as, ...more
Natalie Portman is Jackie
Written December 15, 2016
In the role of her life as Jackie Kennedy, Natalie Portman is amazing as one of the best known First Ladies.  It’s the sort of role that could clean up ...more
Tarzan is back
Written December 11, 2015
Tarzan is back! This time it’s Alexander Skarsgård playing the man in the loincloth! This is only the “teaser” trailer. Even so it’s over 2 minutes long ...more

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