Confusions and Connections
Hidden Figures - 'Russian Spy'
Two great items hit my in-box earlier today. Both are from Hidden Figures. The first is a clip that’s both sad & comical. How censorship can fail spectacularly because of ...more
Hidden Figures – Be the boss!
Written February 16, 2017
It’s the story of the hidden figures, the women, behind getting America into space.  The story that has been long forgotten as the men have taken over.  These women are ...more
Hidden Figures – Give Or Take
Written February 5, 2017
Hidden Figures - Give Or Take
We have been sent over two great pieces for Hidden Figures.  The first shows Katherine Johnson using her mathematical skills to calculate one of John Glenn’s landing zones The second is ...more
Hidden Figures – Make you first
Written January 26, 2017
Hidden Figures - Make You First
Two new, amazing, pices have arrived today for Hidden Figures. The first is a powerful scene in a courthouse arguing about education & the future. The other, is in a ...more
Hidden Figures – The new computer
Written January 11, 2017
Two great things from Hidden Figures have just arrived. The first is a great clip with Katherine Johnson meeting her new boss for the first time. The other is where ...more
Hidden Figures – we wear glasses
Written November 21, 2016
A great clip from the upcoming Hidden Figures. This time we see one of the computers talking about what she does and why she shouldn’t be looked down upon. “Yes, ...more
Hidden Figures has a poster
Written November 24, 2016
The first poster for the upcoming story of the Hidden Figures from the Space Race has arrived. It shows you who the real heroes of the story is.  The women who ...more
Midnight Special has a trailer
Written November 22, 2015
What would you do if your son had a special gift?  Midnight Special tries to answer some of those questions.  It is an interesting concept by looking at the trailer.  ...more
Peter Parker has a message
Written December 2, 2013
Sitting down to write about the 2nd in the current re-boot of Spider-man, I’m filled with a little bit of dread as I lost track of the stories after the ...more
The Beguiled – The poster
Written May 11, 2017
I’m not sure what they are trying to do with the new poster for The Beguiled. The main font is a bit messy at 90 degrees to the layout.  It’s like ...more
The Beguiled – The Trailer
Written April 20, 2017
The two things that hit you from the trailer is that Colin Farrell can only do an Irish accent & Nicole Kidman can do almost any accent thrown at her. Based ...more
Who were NASA’s computers?
Written December 7, 2016
Who were the women that managed to get man in orbit and to the moon? Hidden Figures is the story behind some of NASA’s computers. Not the electronic ones. The ...more

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