Confusions and Connections
Robert Langdon is back in the new Inferno trailer.  What does this one tell us about the film.  Apart from it’ll be exactly like all the other Dan Brown book ...more
We have just been sent over a great Q&A for In the Heart of the Sea.  this is where we talk to not only the stars of the film but ...more
In the heart of the Sea is Ron Howard’s take on the story behind what became a classic. That classic being Moby Dick. This is the final, explosive ...more
In the Heart of the Sea has a new poster
Written November 12, 2015
A new poster for In the Heart of the Sea has swum into my inbox. It shows all the major characters in the film.  All the human ones and the ...more
Inferno has a poster
Written May 8, 2016
The next in the series of pulp novels by Dan Brown is coming later this year. That being Inferno. With that, we also can introduce you to the first poster ...more
Inferno has a trailer
Written May 10, 2016
Yesterday we showed you the poster for the upcoming Inferno.  Based on the Dan Brown book of the same name. If you have seen any of the previous films based on ...more
Moby Dick & In the heart of the Sea
Written November 25, 2015
What Inspired Herman Melville to write Moby Dick? What is the myth behind history’s greatest whale? Roh Howard talks, not only, about the film but the mythical whale that inspired ...more
This is the story of the greatest whale in literature, Moby Dick. The story of the crew of the Essex and what they had to survive. With that, we have the ...more
Musical formula to fuel your Genius
Written April 19, 2017
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, in partnership with US based company focus@will, has unveiled a new focus music channel inspired by physicist Albert Einstein, designed by neuroscientists to help us concentrate and minimise ...more
Good news Stephen Fry fans. He’s back again, for the 10th time, to host the 2015 EE British Academy Film Awards. The awards ceremony will happen on February 8, 2015 at ...more
The Beatles amazing photoshoot
Written September 15, 2016
With the amazing Ron Howard documentary coming to the Silver Screen shortly. The two last remaining Beatles, and Ron Howard, were at the historic Abbey Road studio for an amazing ...more
The Beatles: Eight Days A Week
Written July 17, 2016
PHOTO CREDIT: Copyright Apple Corps Ltd. What happened when the greatest band on earth went on tour? Eight Days a Week The Touring Years with The Beatles may answer some of ...more

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