Confusions and Connections
Nice Guys are back
Written March 23, 2016
The Nice Guys are back. This time with a brand new trailer. This one shows us a lot more about the plot and actually how funny the film is going ...more
Nice Guys have a new poster
Written March 20, 2016
What does the new poster for The Nice Guys tell us? Apart from the fact that nylon is still a cool fabric to wear.  That and brown.  Not that much ...more
A NEW WORLD OF MOMENTS WORTH PAYING FOR WITH THE MUMMY’S SOFIA BOUTELLA Sofia Boutella, star of upcoming action adventure The Mummy, is the latest actress to appear in an exclusive ...more
The Nice Guys have a poster
Written December 6, 2015
With a great cast, the Nice Guys hav arrived with its first teaser poster. What does it show? Apart from our two “heroes” not much. There are some things that ...more
The Nice Guys have a trailer
Written December 7, 2015
Yesterday saw the first poster for the upcoming 70s comedy The Nice Guys. Now the nice people at Icon have released the first trailer. It makes the film ...more
The Nice Guys have character posters
Written April 19, 2016
The Nice Guys are back. This time with two character posters. One for Russell Crowe & the other for Ryan Gosling.  They don’t show much more than what we have ...more
We have already seen character posters for The Nice Guys. This time we see character posters for some of the other people in the film ...more
The Water Diviner is finding his sons
Written February 23, 2015
THE WATER DIVINER is Russell Crowe’s directorial debut and is inspired by historical events. Four years after the devastating Battle of Gallipoli, Arthur, Edward and Henry Connor are still reported missing ...more

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