Confusions and Connections
Bill gets a trailer
Written December 20, 2014
We’ve been following this film since we were told, way back in January, about the start of filming. We’ve also seen one, and so far only image released for the ...more
Bill has a new trailer & images
Written August 20, 2015
Way back in December we saw the first trailer for the upcoming re-telling of Bill Shakespeare’s lost years. This time we have a brand new trailer, a poster and a huge ...more
Mindhorn is back
Written March 15, 2017
Who is Mindhorn & why has he come out of retirement to solve just one more case?  That would be great if he was real & not a character from ...more
More from Bill
Written February 18, 2014
Back in mid January I was informed about a new film about to start filming. One starring the cast of Horrible Histories and our greatest ever playwright. Now I have been ...more
Will is back
Written January 22, 2014
BBC films and the people who gave us Horrible Histories have just sent out a press release to let the world to know that they are about to start principle ...more

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