Confusions and Connections
Creed – New Generations
Written October 21, 2015
A new featurette for Creed has hit.  It tells the story of handing the torch that started, almost, 40 years ago with Rocky.  Rocky is now a trainer but a ...more
Creed by the numbers
Written May 11, 2016
It’s not that long to go before the latest episode, Creed, in the Rocky saga hits the shelves.  Not only that, 2016 is the 40th anniversary of the first in ...more
Creed has a new trailer
Written September 16, 2015
If you thought the first trailer for the next chapter in the Rocky Series, Creed, was good. You ain’t seen nothing yet! This one shows more of what ...more
Earlier today saw the release of the UK poster for the upcoming Granddad-action movie The Expendables 3. It comes in two forms. The 1-sheet( portrait one ) and the quad ...more
Feel like Rocky for a day
Written January 13, 2016
Rocky is back with his protégé Apollo Creed in the next film in the Rocky saga. This is the sort of PR stunt I like for movies. It’s not all ...more
Find out more about Creed
Written December 22, 2015
A great new Creed featurette has arrived.  This one goes more deeply into what it is like to play the son of such an iconic film character. Adonis Johnson never knew ...more
Put Groot on your wall
Written April 18, 2017
Who doesn’t want Baby Groot as your desktop wallpaper? This is your chance to live that dream. We give you a ton of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 wallpapers to ...more
Ratchet & Clank hit the road
Written March 31, 2016
From the greatest selling Playstation game of all time, Ratchet & Clank are now coming to the big screen! Not only that, but it has a stellar voice cast as you ...more
Ratchet and Clank – The GIFs
Written May 2, 2016
Ratchet and Clank are back with a nice set of GIFs.  From the cute Clank to the manic Ratchet. Not only do we have the above GIFs but a nice activity ...more
Rocky is training Creed!
Written July 2, 2015
Rocky Balboa is back training Apollo Creed’s son in the latest film in the Rocky franchise. It’s all about the son of the great Apollo and his need for the ...more
See more of the Expendables
Written May 20, 2014
Earlier we were sent over a new set of images from the geriatric-fest that The Expendables are more becoming. Seemingly with an average age of about 80, the old clunkers are ...more
It’s been a busy week for trailer. First we had Guardians of the Galaxy, then the final one for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes rounded up with one ...more
The Expendables are back again
Written April 28, 2014
The Expendables are back. This time they have youth on their side. No they haven’t gone back in time so Sly, Dolph & Arnie can look like we remember them ...more

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